Ranking List


1. FAMAR Championships are held in following classes:
. a)  The FAMAR Championship 1/8th I.C. Track
. b)  The FAMAR Championship 1/10th I.C. Touring
. c)  The FAMAR Championship 1/8th Off Road I.C. Buggy
. d)  The FAMAR Championship 1/8th Off Road I.C Truggy
. e)  The FAMAR Championship 1/8th I.C. GT
FAMAR Championship and South American Championship will be same event.
For the both events the Organizer can be invite one driver and FAMAR can be invite another driver.

2. The FAMAR Ranking List is based on the last 2 FC’s, the last WC. The total result of this list will be the FAMAR Ranking List. For all the races involved in this ranking, points can be achieved for the result after the finals (see points table) and 50% of those points for the result based on the qualifications. Both points values will be added together for the result from each event.
The Points Scheme updated May/2018


FAMAR Members Nationals Ranking List.

2015 – Bolivia National Ranking List Off Road

2015 – Brazil National Ranking List Off Road

2015 – Colombia National Ranking List Off Road

2015 – Peru National Ranking List On Road

2015 – Uruguay National Ranking List Off Road

2015 Trinidad Tobago National Ranking List