News for 1st IFMAR GT World Championship

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News for 1st IFMAR GT World Championship
Update Homologate Bodies for 2020 WC GT – Homestead
Only 4 bodies at this moment.

Blitz GT, 60804, based on Ferrari 458
Blitz GT3, 60806, based on McLaren P1
Protoform PF1572, Hyper SS, based on Toyota GR Supersport
Gimar XXX12, based on Maserati MC12 Corsa


We will only allow the original manufacturers body as stated here above. We sometimes see copies of a popular brand coming in and checking will be difficult, but copies will not be allowed. We will try to have a number of these bodies available with the organizer at the event.

To attract more drivers to the event we have had some inquiries with the organizer and we want to add an GT8 Electric class to the event, which will be run as an IFMAR WORLD CUP EVENT, as described in the General Rules. Adding this to the event hopefully brings the total number of drivers over 100.
There are a few countries where GT8E is popular and there are even a few races organized with 2 specific brands of bodies.
For this GT8E class only we will allow 2 extra bodies to be used, the Corvette C7 (from Protoform) and the Porsche 911 GT3 (from TRT)
They comply with most of the GBS rules, but sometimes fail on one measurement. But they have one big “PRO”, they look like the real car and are already used in some series of races.
For this Electric class we need a few extra rules related to the electric power used. We are still talking about this with the organizer but the rules probably will be like this:
4S Lipo, standard 2x2S lipo or 4S package, hard case.
Standard and HV type allowed
Minimum weight Electric GT is 3800 grams
HV lipo voltage, maximum after charging 17.40 volts
Standard lipo voltage maximum after charging 16.80 volts
Heats 7 minutes, finals 7 minutes. This is to avoid high settings of the ESC and high currents.
3 x A/B/C finals, best 2 to count, point system, best laps/time in case of tie
Bodies according to the Ifmar list + 2 extra
Tire heaters allowed, BUT not in the pits, only in the controlled area and tires can be pre-heated for about 10 minutes just before the start of their heat/final.
This class need to warm their tires, they cannot warm-up on the track.
The tire heater equipment itself stays always in the controlled area.
Limited number of tires for whole event and only available in the controlled area
Max temperature of the lipo pack measured after each run and may not exceed 55 degrees Celsius
(this will help to limit settings and avoid high currents in combination with the 7 minutes)